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Some people say: where are updates?

Oh… So busy this time of the year.

Here is the new project that I spent quite some time recently: my wife Oxana Getman The Gorgeous is now a Registered Acupuncturist in Halifax and I was happy to help her with her website.

It is called Organic Acupuncture Halifax is a small town and I am sure Oxana will be a successful Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Costa Izmestyev - Underwater

Since last 5-6 posts with my paintings were kind of off-topics, I’ve decided to open another website that I would dedicate to my art. Halifax filled in with beautiful pieces of art and my new website will be just one of many.

The website is and you can follow this website with social networks icons (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) posted in the left sidebar.


Thanks to all who liked it, it is great to know people enjoy my paintings.


Art Halifax: Some recent: Sounds (Acrylic on canvas, size 12″ x 16″)

Costa Izmestyev - Sounds

Costa Izmestyev – Sounds

Also recent: True North (Acrylic on canvas, size 8″ x 10″)

Costa Izmestyev - True North

Costa Izmestyev – True North

Even more recent: The Beast (Acrylic on canvas, size 12″ x 16″)

Costa Izmestyev - The Beast

Costa Izmestyev – The Beast

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